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The Most Unexpected Trip Ever!

“Life is full of surprises. Things we never thought to happen may happen. And then we’ll just be left wowed and surprised. So, let us always be ready to experience something unexpected.”

Just like this trip!

We faced the bright sunshine and the cool breeze in an exciting day of May 24th with happiness and positivism. The pleasant weather sang with us as we woke up with light hearts which radiates our happy and positive feelings. Maybe because this day was special for we were scheduled to go to Manila for a 4-day seminar. Our seminar started on the 25th of May which covers the registration. There were five of us on this trip. This great opportunity was credited to our beloved institution where we are affiliated. We expected to learn much from the training and of course, perhaps, to check Manila probably, only things that we can which are allowed by our schedule. Way to go for us!


Photo by Sir Cabs. Our pic at Mactan Cebu International Airport


Photo by Miss Resil. Here are the complete casts of this trip: Miss Resil (whom I already introduced in my previous blog), the one taking groufie, Ma’am Janine, the pretty woman across Miss Resil, Sir Jay, behind Miss Resil, Sir Cabs (whom I already introduced in my previous blog), behind Ma’am Janine, and yours truly behind Sir Jay.

We were waiting for our flight going to Manila. Our partner airline going to Manila was AirAsia.

By the way, Sir Cabs booked a place for us to stay. It was at the Makati Suites at Traveller’s Inn. He didn’t actually know that the room we had was a condominium. Perhaps, the booking was based on what is cheapest for us. Yes! We were very happy with the room he booked. It was a condominium and is complete with everything that we can use during our stay. We were able to cook our delicious meals and feel like we are at home. For our four nights and five days stay at Traveller’s Inn we only paid 1300+ pesos each (forgot how much was the excess but rest assured it didn’t reach 1400… LOL!).


Photos by Miss Resil. The place where we stayed. Modeled by Miss Resil. Hehehe

The in-charge of this unit is Sir King. He is very friendly and accommodating and he can also speak Bisaya dialect because his hometown is Siargao. For more information about Makati Suites at Traveller’s Inn, you can check the link provided.


On our way to Traveller’s Inn are gigantic buildings and we were wowed by what we saw especially when we entered the Makati area where its views are comparable with the ones we can see in IT Park or Ayala Area in Cebu.


Ganito kami sa Makati. LOL!

We arrived in Makati around 1 pm and since our place is in the center of the city there are a lot of restos or food stalls that we can choose from. For our late lunch, we took it at Andoks near at Traveller’s Inn.

Guess what? The day we arrived in the National Capital Region we didn’t miss any chance to explore the city; so, for our first stop we went to Manila Cathedral located in Intramuros. We arrived there at 5pm however, we weren’t lucky to get inside the cathedral for it was already closed. Nevertheless, we strolled around Intramuros freely and took pictures.

fb_img_15285201039581562410195.jpgPhoto by Ma’am Janine. Pose pose in front of Manila Cathedral.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Intramuros is a place in Manila where you can enjoy a Spanish vibe. It undeniably plays a weighty role in Philippine’ history.

After strolling around Intramuros, we took our sumptuous dinner at Barbara’s restaurant. It is a restaurant providing  buffet dinner for the diners as well as showcasing the Filipino culture through folk dance and song presentations. All diners enjoyed not only the delish food but also the commendable presentations of the local talents.

fb_img_15285200800771440062054.jpgPhoto by Ma’am Janine. A-must-taken pic before heading to the entrance of the restaurant. 



Our Barbara’s restaurant experience!

 After dining at Barbara’s we went straight to Okada Manila to watch the amazing dancing fountain. It was our first time to witness a grand dancing fountain. We were wowed! Obviously only words of appreciation came out from our mouths.


 Photos by Sir Giles.    Some of our pictures in Okada Manila

Our next destination after Okada Manila was 19 East. 19 East is a bar and grill found at Km. 19, East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa City , which is a hub for live music, good quality of food and drinks. Trippers can catch the shows of famous Filipino singers and bands here. It is a place which provides complete package for local and foreign tourists — you can watch celebrities’ live performances, drink your favorite cold drink, eat good food, and jam with the beat together with your family, friends, and special someone. The place’ entrance fee ranges from 150 to 500 pesos.


Southborder was in the house during our visit. It was indeed a fun and unexpected night.

Our Metro Manila exploration continued after the first day of our seminar. We got a chance to visit Malacañang Palace. We roved around the compound and learned how tight the security is. Expected! –  as it’s where the President of the Philippines stays.


Photos by Sir Giles. The Cebuanos in Malacañang Palace…:)

After strolling at the Malacañang compound, we took our dinner at a nearby Kenny Rogers.  It was a sumptuous one.

Then, we headed to Star City in Pasay to try some of their rides and check some of their activities. First, we tried the Snow World. We experienced the negative temperature and felt how it is to experience real snow. The Snow World booth provides the trippers with the winter suit and for the gloves you need to purchase them if you want to wear them. Inside the booth are winter slides, snow world cafe, and different areas where everyone can have their photos taken. Trippers are not allowed to capture using their cameras. The management will take your pictures and you’ll pay to get a hard copy.


 Here are our photos inside a freezing cold booth… (soft copies by Sir Cabusa)

Next, my colleagues – Ma’am Janine, Sir Jay, and Sir Cabusa tried the surf dance ride. Miss Resil and I did not take the challenge to take the ride. We were scared! Personally, I was not sure if I could survive from the challenge, it was scary!!!


 Their surf dance moments

fb_img_1528521458650186168969.jpgWelcome to Star City!!!

After Star City, we maneuvered to Strumms Makati to catch the live performance of Ogie Alcasid. Ogie Alcasid had a show there to promote his new album. Strumms Makati, a live music bar, is just few blocks from Makati Suites at Travellers Inn. When we arrived at Strumms we needed to insert ourselves to a barful of people. Strumms has no entrance fee. It was obviously a wonderful moment to watch Ogie Alcasid performing live.


Photos by Sir Giles. When in Strumms..

fb_img_1528521441674-1668734140.jpgPhoto by Miss Resil… Our only pic with Sir Ogie Alcasid

‘Twas already a lot of explorations! But, not the end yet. Since, we’re in Manila for a business trip, we only utilized our time in the late afternoon, after the seminar, but still we were able to fit in our extra undertakings to maximize the time that we had in Metro Manila. On the last day of our seminar, I didn’t stroll much instead I went to Mall of Asia in Pasay to meet my very close friend in high school, Gretel. We took our dinner together and we talked a lot of stuffs. And the dinner was on her! Thank you very much my dearest friend Grets.

Screenshot_2019-04-23-15-23-42-1Meet my friend Gretel 🙂 

Our last day in Manila was on the 27th of May. Our seminar was over on the 26th but our departure was still on the 27th, thus, we did our last minute exploration. On this day, we went to the famous Venetian Mall. Took photos there, strolled around and did sightseeing.

fb_img_1528521360146-736865775.jpgOur venetian photo 🙂 Sino ang naiiba? Lol!!!

fb_img_1528521348124-500514414.jpgPhoto by Miss Resil. Our moment together at the Venetian Mall 🙂 

The venetian mall is very picturesque and it has no entrance fee. So, all you need to do is get inside there for free and take a lot of photos or maybe ride a gondola. Though, it is good to ride a gondola at night not in a scorching afternoon.

After we went to the venetian mall, we maneuvered to Divisoria malls. I wasn’t able to take pictures but I should say that going there to have our shopping is worth it. A lot of cheap items we can really buy. It was worthy of our visit.

Before I end this blog, I would like to share that we also went to Baclaran Church to offer our prayers there.


Photos taken by Ma’am Janine. It feels great to visit a church. 

And that’s a wrap for our Metro Manila exploration. This trip was really unexpected. Thanks to Sir Giles for the opportunity to be able to visit some places which we never thought we could. We didn’t expect it. But for some reasons, this experience brought us a lot of learnings and life lessons.

“Sometimes in our lives there are unexpected moments that we will encounter. May it be pleasant or horrible experiences, the thing is we should ready ourselves to take these life surprises” – Mars




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