local tour


DAY 1 (March 6, 2016)

“We need time for ourselves. A time when there’s nothing we think about. No thoughts of workloads nor school works. Just pure relaxation!” — Mars

It was a sunny Sunday morning and I was just so excited to take this trip of mine with my sister. This trip was special for me since it was my first time to travel outside Cebu. Perhaps, check what other famous places in the Philippines can offer to novice travelers like me. Just wanna experience that “Wow” feeling my acquaintances told me every time they visit other spots. Well, this time I’ll see it for myself.

20160306_082742Arrived at Mactan Cebu International Airport around 9:30 A.M. We were waiting for our flight. Will fly at around 11:40 A.M. Just super excited folks!

After hours of waiting and coffee breaking, we were about to fly to arrive at our destination.

img_20160819_201501We were off to go for a pure relaxation. We deserved it!!! Everybody deserves a break. 🙂

It took us approximately 45 minutes before the captain announced to take our cameras to capture the beautiful island, Siargao, we saw above. Then, we landed at Sayak Airport at around 12:40 P.M. The airport’s ambiance is very countryside and picturesque. This scene just added some more butterflies in my stomach I had that time.

20160308_091455This sight caught me in this travel. I saw this outside the airport.

20160306_122412On our way to San Isidro, Siargao to check in at Sailfish Bay Resort.

We rode in a van going to San Isidro. We spent 800 pesos for transportation. It was pricey because my sister and I were the only passengers in the van. The driver was very friendly and he even gave us a 200-peso discount. Thanks to him though. However, it saddened me a bit when I knew from him why most of our co-passengers in the plane are heading to General Luna in Southern Siargao and not in Northern Siargao where San Isidro is located because General Luna is most visited by tourists to check in at Cloud Nine Surfing Resort. By the way, Siargao is “The Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. After I fully grasped what the driver said, my initial reaction was like, what??? Will I still enjoy this trip? I was really bothered at first but later realized that there’s no point of worrying since everything was booked and we have no choice but to go to San Isidro to check in at Sailfish Bay.

2016-10-15-11-07-13-558OMG!!! My crazy little thoughts were gone when I reached Sailfish Bay Resort and saw these enormous waves catching up to kiss the shore. What beautiful fierce waves?!

The staff of the resort wasn’t very welcoming on our first day, however, it didn’t hinder me from enjoying the place because the room was really clean and spacious. And it made my day! I was kind of tired due to travels and I got a great bed waiting for my body to touch it. After taking a short nap, we roved around to look for a great restaurant to take our late lunch and early dinner.

Next to Sailfish Bay is Jafe Beach Resort which has a unique interior of its reception con restaurant area. We took our meal there and we had a great one.

20160306_131141The unique interior design of Jafe Restaurant.

20160306_132047Meet my sister who really had fun surfing the net. Hehehe

After we took our meal, we had fun photographing in the area. I never expected to see “Hotel California” there. LOL! Just the name of one of their cottages.

20160306_131354The cottages at Jafe Beach Resort

20160306_131423.jpgThe view before the shore

Sightseeing wrapped our first day in Siargao.

DAY 2 (March 7, 2016)

“You can make your trip the best by enjoying what you can in the place. In doing so, you’ll feel bliss.” — Mars

We woke up early on the second day and took pictures on the veranda of our hotel. 20160307_150445That peace sign yow!!!

The second day of our trip was more on restaurant and resort hopping while photographing. We found out that there are lots of resorts and restaurants nearby. So, we checked them out as we enjoyed the delicious food they fed us. We had our breakfast at Jafe Beach Resort, lunch at Bamboo Bar Beach Resort and took our dinner at Esther’s Kitchen. Esther’s Kitchen was the best restaurant for me in San Isidro. The food was really fresh and the owners were very accommodating and conversant.

20160307_173053The native structure of the restaurant… The place was very serene and it was like we reserved the whole place because we were the only customers inside. Not until we were about to finish our food when a western couple arrived for dinner.

20160307_173032Inside the restaurant

In order to make the most out of this three days two nights travel, we also chatted with the locals. From our conversations, we learned much from them. Stuffs like their means of living, to the mode of transportation in the place which is mainly habal habal (motorbike). That’s why we can’t see any jeepneys nor buses passing by in the area.

img1457433684021A collage of our Siargao experience. We didn’t do extreme activities just pure relaxation and pampering.

I can’t recommend our trip to Siargao to adventurous travelers since we didn’t do adrenaline rush kind of activities. This trip of ours will be enjoyed by sightseers who love to see the unique beauty of nature by roving, photographing around or just sitting on a bench while defamiliarising what nature offers. Likewise, if you’re a foodie and accustomed to trying different menus from various restos you’ll surely enjoy our trip coz we had restaurant hopping on the second day.

Though, I still hope to experience the other fun stuff one can do and enjoy in Siargao. Just thought of coming back here sometime in the future. And, when I come back I’ll probably visit General Luna and hopefully get a chance to witness the Surfing Tournament in September.

The simple thought of it already gave me much excitement.

DAY 3 (March 8, 2016)

The day to say goodbye to Siargao. Ciao! ’till next time. Our flight was around 11 A.M. and we didn’t do something special before we went to the airport. We just had a great breakfast and talked with the staffs of Sailfish Bay Resort.

“The good in goodbyes are the new lessons and wisdom we got from that experience.” — Mars

20160308_091825With my sister at Sayak Airport… Before we went inside the airport for departure…

I’ll be back here someday. Thanks for the “WOW” feeling you let me feel Siargao!

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