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Super busy individuals like me hardly get a chance to go traveling. Paperwork and other job-related agenda suffocate and confine me inside the workplace and crazily choke me whenever I have deadlines to meet. So, when there’s a chance for a trip I just can’t stop myself getting my backpack and wandering around the metropolis or rural district. Hey! No need for a long-term planning of any trips coz short planned itineraries really work!

I spent this Cebu City Tour with my colleagues. So, here’s our abrupt Cebu City Tour itinerary which we planned a day prior to the jaunt. By the way, it was my colleague, Homer, who googled the possible contact person for this travel. Through a blog post he read from the internet (not sure if he could still recall the site though…lol), he found Kuya John John’s number, a “habal-habal” (a local means of commuting through a motorcycle) driver whom he contacted and both came up with a consensus.

For only 300 pesos per person, Kuya John (as I call him to shorten his repetitive name) will bring the sightseers to Sirao Flower Farm, Tops (Mountain’s View overlooking the city), and Temple of Leah. For those who are interested, here’s Kuya John’s number for booking, 09471802705. And, don’t forget to have a headcount coz it’s better to pay those places a visit with an even number of globe-trotters on the ground that Kuya John and his co-habal-habal drivers take two persons per motorcycle in every trip. Also, Kuya John will pick you up at JY Square Mall, Lahug, Cebu City.

Sirao Flower Farm

2016-08-30-19-47-55-931Photo by Homer Jain. This human-sized signage welcomes the rovers.

Sirao Flower Farm is approximately 17 kilometers towards the crest from JY Square in Lahug which happened to be our first stop over. Sirao is a mountainous barangay in Cebu City and conspicuously the flower farm was named from its location. It was a wondrous ride going to Sirao for the reason that there is a bunch of verdant views that one can enjoy plus the breath-taking cool breeze from the wavering foliage of the big trees and bushes beside the road. This tourist attraction is perfect for nature lovers. By the way, the place entrance fee is only 25 pesos per person good for unlimited viewing, picture taking and even video recording. The flower farm, not on a large scale, is just enough for travelers to rove around for an hour with lots of photographing. The farm’s chromatic flowers give radiance to the place as well as provide an extraordinary background to your photos. I would also love to add that this place is ideal for pre-nuptial shoots.

2016-08-31-12-11-35-895My colleagues and I were posing at the elevated pathway as the colorful flowers nudged our elbows.  

During our visit, we saw the blooming Celosia flowers and the yellow Cosmos.

received_553215324872142Photo by Homer Jain. The yellow and red Celosia flowers were swayed by the winds

received_553215308205477Photo by Homer Jain. Kuya John’s co-driver who blended with the vibrant yellow Cosmos was pointing on the mountain from afar.

IMG_20160829_141925.jpgI was glad I had a picture on top of this knife-like pointed rock with Kuya John at the left, Homer at the right, and Charlie behind me.

Tops (Mountain’s View)

Another attraction which I considered another great escape from the hurly-burly of the city central is the famous Tops (Mountain’s View) located in Barangay Busay. Tops is roughly 10 kilometers from Sirao Flower Farm and 7 kilometers from JY Square Mall (just in case you wish to visit Tops first before Sirao Flower Farm) which was our second stop. It is an elevated tourist site which is about 2000 ft. above sea level. With its high elevation, visitors can enjoy the authentic fresh air and the spectacular view of the city.

2016-09-01-21-30-59-446The gigantic buildings in Cebu City appeared to be minute on top of “Tops”.

When we arrived at Tops, Kuya John parked his motorcycle in the spacious parking area of the place. There we saw other local tourists who paid a visit on the day. By the way, the entrance fee of Tops is 100 pesos per person. It’s quite pricey but the amusement we had from the covered relaxing and eating zone made up of concrete which presents a circular illusion partially completed our tripping and justified the costing as well. Inside the area are the concrete tables and chairs where locales and foreigners can sit and put their foods and drinks for a memorable snacking. Luckily, there are food stores and souvenir shop that you can find in Tops so, don’t worry if you’ll feel hungry in your roving. But for practicality, it’s better to bring your own food and drinks.

FB_IMG_1472616457956We showcased our killer postures. Who got the best pose? Partially, it’s the one in the middle. LOL!!!

On the other hand, the viewing deck of Tops got an awesome concrete perfectly shaped in a hexagon. There are a bunch of gray hexagons on the ground which is given life by the lushness of the Bermuda grass. Perhaps, it’s good to squat on the Bermuda grass while taking “selfies” and “groupies”. At the viewing deck, we lucidly saw the whole view of Cebu City including Mactan. It was incredible! And, it would be more incredible if we saw the city lights at night on top of “Tops” however, we went there on a scorching late morning so, we didn’t get a chance to gaze at the sparkling lights of the city.

2016-08-30-19-47-12-660Such a picturesque background we got! We were at the viewing deck of Tops.

2016-08-30-19-45-16-838The grassy numerous concrete gray hexagons featuring the three fallen angels…LOL!!!

It took us nearly two hours to quench our desires to rove the site including the photographing of our funny, candid, model-like poses. By the way, Kuya John and his co-driver became our official photographers in this jaunt. In fairness, they also got good “photography” skills.

Temple of Leah

2016-08-31-12-13-16-703.jpgWelcome to Temple of Leah! A Greece architecture inspired man-made creation…

Another pride of Cebu City is the Temple of Leah. The temple is built with sophistication though, it’s not yet finished and a lot of constructions are going on but is already opened for public viewing both for local and foreign “day trippers”.It is 5.5 kilometers from JY Square Mall and the site’s entrance fee is 50 pesos per person.

Just a short glimpse, Temple of Leah is built for the beloved wife of Teodorico Soriano Adarna, Leah V. Albino-Adarna. Leah was chosen Matron Queen of the University of Southern Philippines, her Alma Mater. I also knew that Leah Adarna is the grandmother of a famous Filipino celebrity Ellen Adarna. The Adarna clan is an eminent clan in Cebu for they own the Queensland chain of hotels. Perhaps, this temple symbolizes the unconditional and eternal love of Teodorico for Leah. Inside the temple is a nine-foot bronze statue of Leah.

2016-09-02-13-33-28-669This bronze statue still vividly shows the alluring beauty, poise, and genteelness of Leah. 

We rambled in the temple for about 30 minutes only because it was almost noontime when we arrived there. As we looked around, we were amazed by the huge Greek architecture posts of the temple, just like the Parthenon in Greece. Also, the temple has a wide space in front where its ground is made up of square-shaped concrete. We also enjoyed taking pictures in front of the fountain located at the heart of the ground.

2016-09-02-14-07-51-814The burning heat did not hinder the local tourists to check the wondrous place.

2016-08-31-12-12-30-990Photo by Homer Jain. I felt like I was in Athens, not in Cebu. 🙂

You might be wondering why I didn’t mention Kuya John and his co-driver in this part of our trip is it because they can’t get inside the place for free unlike Tops and Sirao Flower Farm. Actually, they were waiting for us outside but luckily they gave us the idea on what to look at inside the temple. Everything inside is superb.

Needless to say, this not-so-planned-travel was amazing. The crazy uphill and downhill rides going to the locations gave me the absolute freedom I sought for from my busy work schedule.

Sirao Flower Farm, Tops (Mountain’s View) and Temple of Leah, are among the must-visit places in Cebu City. Whenever, you get an opportunity to put your backpack and hat on, try for tripping and you may just check these three jaw-dropping tourist attractions.



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